London – Global law firm K&L Gates LLP has launched a suite of support tools to help ensure its clients are fully prepared for the UK’s imminent referendum to decide whether to withdraw from the European Union (EU). With that vote expected this year, K&L Gates has established a task force along with a dedicated hotline to assist clients in identifying and responding to the potential legal and business issues that could result from a British exit, or “Brexit,” from the 28-member European Union.

Comprising partners from the firm’s global litigation, finance, corporate, intellectual property, policy and regulatory, and employment law practice areas, the task force will counsel clients on a variety of issues that Britain’s exit might have on enterprises based throughout the world which do business in or with the United Kingdom and the EU. Interested clients can contact the firm by email at with questions about the proposed referendum and its potential consequences or to obtain more information regarding the firm’s Brexit hotline network.

“Brexit is a hot topic and becoming more so by the day,” said Martin Lane, K&L Gates’ Managing Partner, Europe, and head of the Brexit task force initiative. “The issue has implications for businesses throughout the world that have dealings with the UK and Europe. We are very well-placed to help clients navigate the uncertainties which are already arising and will escalate.”

The original press release can be found here on K&L Gates’ website.