Combinations of the world’s largest law firm with Colombia’s Cardenas & Cardenas and with Mexico’s López Velarde are effective.

Global law firm Dentons, Colombia’s Cardenas & Cardenas, and Mexico’s López Velarde today formalized their combinations. The launches follow the initial announcement last December that partners of each firm approved the combinations.

With these combinations, Colombia and Mexico are now home to the world’s largest law firm. With more than 7,300 lawyers serving more than 55 countries, the Firm offers clients the benefit of quality experience in and of the communities in which they want to do business or resolve a dispute—now including the Firm’s first physical presence in Latin America.

The combinations highlight each firm’s focus on quality. Legacy clients of Cardenas & Cardenas and López Velarde now benefit from the world’s largest collection of legal talent, offering solutions across 24 sectors and 40 practices, anywhere their business may take them.

With 95 percent of partners ranked in the top international directories of the world and as a recipient of Chambers and Partners’ 2015 Outstanding Client Service Award, the 100 person team in Colombia offers Dentons clients significant quality, ethical commitment and more than 100 years of experience in Latin America and beyond.

In Mexico, the 35 person team is considered one of the elite firms in the market, and Mexico’s undisputed leader in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and includes a full Corporate practice specializing in automotive, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, natural resources, technology and other key industries.

Even prior to launch, the firms have been working together successfully, demonstrating the needs of Dentons clients in Latin America and the needs of Colombian and Mexican clients for representation around the world.


As previously announced, given the strength of both the Cardenas & Cardenas and López Velarde names in their respective markets, as part of the Firm’s brand migration strategy, Dentons’ Colombia presence will be known as “Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas,” and in Mexico will be “Dentons López Velarde.”

This bespoke branding approach reflects and builds on the outstanding reputations each has developed in its region, unifying their in and of the community presence and reputations with the global reach and brand of Dentons.

In Colombia, a logo that utilizes both the Cardenas & Cardenas name and the Dentons logo will be used.


Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas logo 


In Mexico, a logo that utilizes both the López Velarde name and the Dentons logo will be used.


Dentons Lopez Velarde 


Importantly, this does not change the Firm’s global approach. The Firm is called “Dentons” in all languages, except for Chinese. In Chinese, the Firm is called “大成.”

The original press release can be found here on Dentons’ website.