What is Content Marketing you ask?

Well content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience with the ultimate goal being to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is a major way that corporations and companies use to promote their products in relation to what the products are and what they want to promote for their products in order to acquire and retain customers.

Product companies, like red bull and M&Ms are the most obvious examples to use content marketing. However you will be surprised to hear that it is the legal industry that is currently coming out on top in the area of content marketing. Major firms, including Baker & McKenzie and Goodwin Proctor, are blogging about things like intellectual property right concerns, data privacy, new SEC regulations and other trending legal topics. 

California-based Criminal Defense Attorney Grant Bettencourt says “a smart content strategy is an absolute must for reaching new clients. When people have a legal question or are worried about the fallout from an old DUI, immigration case, or felony conviction, they turn to Google for information. This is where content marketing can really prove invaluable. When legal practices publish engaging content that answers these questions, practices can raise their own profile and further establish themselves as a local leader on these hot issues.”

Bettencourt blogs on DUI records and immigration cases while Philadelphia injury lawyer Joel J. Kofsky blogs on such things like cell phones and distracted driving. Firms are using well thought strategies to use exciting and significant content that is related to their practices and clients to help stay relevant. Essentially firms are using content marketing in order to attract clients same as businesses use it to attract customers.

How are law firms doing things so well with content marketing? Well there are certain practices that create good content marketing and there are bad ways. Ways in which firms can fail is over-promoting their firm for one. People don’t need to see your firm’s name constantly through a blog or advertisement. Stick to just being informative and unbiased to tell clients that they need your services. Next is to make sure you are not bland in your blogs. Be creative with videos or infographics to make sure you are being noticed as well as using calls-to-action prompts that can get people to find ways to your website by clicking a button and such.

So what else can make your content marketing successful? Well don’t make the mistake of quantity over quality. You can write all the information in the world about something, but remember that you are working towards a direct target audience and that they want straight forward answers and information when looking at marketing content. If they want more information they will find their way to your website just as you wanted. Also make sure to keep it real and understandable. Don’t speak in that “legal mumbo jumbo” as they call it. You want dialog with your audience so they need to be able to understand what you are saying. Be professional, but look to balance that with content that is approachable for the audience.

One of the biggest things to remember is that blogs are not so much advertising as it is spreading information and even though a legal blog is not a substitution for legal consultation, people still use them as trusted resources so make sure all information that you send out is accurate.

Lastly, use the news to your full benefit. Legal news is everywhere and there is always new and current stories and information to use. Use this stuff to keep clients up to date on the legal world. Be sure to stay on top of the news and catch the most recent breaking stories to use to your advantage in content marketing. These tips can be very beneficial as not all law firms can put the same amount of money in advertising so it’s very important to use the best, most effective and creative methods possible in order to get the best bang for your buck and most success out of the marketing of your firm.