Baker & McKenzie has released the ninth edition of its annual International Arbitration Yearbook, an in-depth report on recent developments in national laws relating to arbitration, arbitral trends and tendencies across 45 jurisdictions. With an expansive and detailed exploration of legislation and case law, 2016’s Yearbook highlights the changes that have taken place within the global arbitration landscape in the last 12 months.

The key focus for 2015 – 2016 is the treatment of costs in arbitration within each jurisdiction, including the approach taken by local arbitrators when allocating costs; the applicable security for costs regime, if any; and the procedure for recovering arbitration costs from an opposing party. Part A of the Yearbook describes important recent developments and trends in national legislation and practice affecting the conduct of international arbitration. Part B refers to noteworthy case law in each country. Themes that have occupied courts in several jurisdictions this year include the scope of “public order” and “public policy” as grounds for declining to enforce foreign awards; the interaction between arbitration proceedings and insolvency processes; and the arbitrability of certain categories of dispute. In a new feature introduced for this edition, a reference table summarizes key features of the arbitration rules of the principal arbitration institutes in each country.

“International arbitration is an integral part of managing the risks and challenges of doing business,” said Leng Sun Chan, SC, Chair of the Firm’s International Arbitration Practice Group. “With over 200 arbitration lawyers located in 77 offices, we are the only law firm that has the geographic breadth and reach to publish such a comprehensive global arbitration guide.”

Initially published by the Firm’s European offices in 2007, the Yearbook has expanded to include developments in Asia, Latin America and North America, and has become a valuable resource for clients and colleagues in the global business community.

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